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Mongolian dating site

The easiest way to meet Mongolian women who are looking for marriage (or someone to date) is to give online dating a shot (check out the links in the article).It’s easier to meet English-speaking girls online than to meet them in the blistering cold on the streets of Ulaanbaatar. Just remember to inform your dad that he has to travel to Mongolia to ask her parents if it’s okay that you put a ring on her finger.The bad news: Even Thai women are better at speaking English than Mongolian women.But things are getting better, at least according to the New York Times.And don’t forget the dairy products and the animal fat.I honestly doubt that Welcome to the Mongolian winter!The expansive geography and long history of Mongolia have led to the creation of a typical Mongolian woman who is impressive in both stature and determination.

Mongolian men are extremely protective over their women.

for you.​Speaking of China…The Mongolians forgive the Russians for killing thousands of their people, but they don’t forgive the Chinese for colonizing them.

I’m not a historian and I also don’t want to bore you with historic facts.

In fact, this wonderful place on earth is so damn cold that -30 degrees are normal.

In fact, with an average -0.4 degrees, Ulaanbaatar is the coldest capital city in the world.

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The good side of this is that they protect their women from violence.