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Interracial dating personal

Knox, Zusman, Buffington, and Hemphill (2000) reported that interracial dating attitudes among college students showed almost half of the participants in their sample possessed participation interests in interracial relationships and about one-fourth previously had dated interracially.

With increasing contact opportunities in integrated settings such as college campuses, students have higher likelihoods of engaging in relationship-building interactions.

Caucasian families, in contrast, tend to be more patriarchal.

For example, in many African-American families, the mother has the most influence on the dating preferences of children, whereas the father has more influence in Caucasian households (Knox et al., 2000).

Consequently, additional research addressing generational views of interracial relationships are needed due to the increase of these relationships in society and the paucity of what is known regarding this important societal issue.

They also speculated that individuals might interracially date (a) for the same “intangible” reasons of love and compatibility as individuals who date within their own race, (b) because of familiarity or desired immersion with a particular culture, and (c) because some might have “preferences” for particular skin colors as others might have for hair or eye colors.

Culture and race seem to exert a particular influence on family interactions regarding racial attitudes (Foeman & Nance, 2002; Lovstuen, 2001; Mc Fadden & Moore, 2001).

African-American families tend to base their family structures using matriarchal systems.

Through much of its history, segregation had been the norm, particularly in southern states. Beyond desegregation and other racial equality efforts, additional factors also have contributed to an increase in interracial relationships.

Political and social struggles to create racial harmony in the U. With growing parental openness to diverse populations came increased opportunities for their children socially to interact with people of racial and ethnic backgrounds beyond their own.

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In this study, we addressed one specific element of the broader domain of relationship diversity.

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