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It's so unusual and so uniquely sexy and well-balanced with the sweetness of the floral and chocolate notes. From this beautiful perfume I get a warm, sumptuous sweetness with a lot of patchouli.As the icing on the cake, my husband loves it when I wear it. I’m not going to try to get over-complicated or pretentious about the notes because I want to keep my appreciation of this one simple. JPG Fleur Du Male and Utra Male are men’s fragrances right?Faint hints of spice, but that sweetness from the chocolate and vanilla really are the players in this scent.

Luxurious and sensual fragrance with rich dark trace of black orchid and spices, modern and timeless. On top of that it's not long lasting and has weak spillage.. Of course it does matter your chemistry that day , but if keeping with the cool wintery months I see no issue , would not wear this in the heat of summer ~ One thing that had me in stitches is my kitty Pasha rubs herself on or tries to lick my wrist after a spritz of this . ( no offence intended for the people who love this) ...Of course, not every occasion is suitable for Black Orchid. ranging all the way from the heavy hitters to tooth-achingly sweet gourmands. I am absolutely intoxicated by this scentual hybrid . I think the later bottles of the EDP are not as intense as my first bottle, but that may just be me, and sillage and longevity are still great. I will say that this is a fragrance that wears you- I can instantly pick it out if I smell it, and I've been called out on it myself before.

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