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When the teacher saw it like the guy Alex mentioned I was told to take it off and go stripped to the waist. My string underwear of 1969 to 1970 was St Michaels. The String vest had a macho image and epitomised the average working man and boys in my class actually felt they wanted a part of this. One of the characters in Coronation Street Stan Ogden was often seen in his string vest with no shirt.(played by Bernard Yeuens). So rugby was the main sport this alternated with Cross - Country. I experience much body interaction due the cramped conditions.

I got so used to it that I did PE stripped to the waist all the time thereafter both indoors and outside. Alex I wonder why the teachers took that course of action with that pupil. So was the grey school shirt I wore for school and at the grammar school the black long trousers. I was educated in the era that the majority of the interesting and diverse views are based on. This was a cantor round a golf course and a river valley. Once the two teams that lost the match had to get in the left shower block and the sports masters through cold water from two buckets of freezing water!!

This changed when we went to the Upper School (grammar). You have to remember that in the 1950s and 1960s many of the teachers had served in World War 2 or had done National Service in places such as Korea Cyprus and various outposts of colonialism and were toughened up by this experience.

We had shower cubicles in which we showered in private. As you say by the age of 14 the shorts did not cover much.

At our school when doing PE indoors it was not tops and shorts without anything underneath and the old black plimsolls. I attended a Catholic Prep school in the Greater Manchester area,then part of Cheshire.1967-1971."Although i was not from an affluent family I found I was mixing with some footballers sons who lived in the area. I remember the string underpants and vest,had a set of those in 1969. In the Autumn and Spring terms,football sessions began to get rather muddy and most boys used the shower facilities provided not just to clan up but to warm up after the best part of an hour outside. For both we had to shower after Games naked in the communal. This caused a stampede effect within the shower with crushing and shoving, my bare frontage was wedged against another boys backside for a couple of minutes before I could extricate myself from this potentially homosexual position.!!

Some of my classmates and friends began to wear black or grey long trousers in the forth year of the Prep School. With 2 elder sisters money was tight and a vest was a lot cheaper to buy.

He was a total nutter, responsible for putting many of his students off Sport for life. I left school this year and compared to everyone here my experience couldn't have been more different.

PE was always done in shorts and a t shirt and trainers.

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