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Fatima doesn’t know what happened to the women who were corralled in her village.At that point, she was hiding inside her family hut. I thought that, well, if we sacrifice ourselves in this way, at least we’ll enter jannah.” (Jannah is the Islamic conception of paradise.) “You know, even if I was a man, I couldn’t have fought back,” Noor says. If you’re Rohingya, it hardly matters if you’re a man or a woman.” This is the natural outcome of all this death and arson.As for Suu Kyi, the state counselor and de facto leader?She is not merely indifferent to Rohingya suffering.

His medical center is one of several that reluctantly takes in refugees. “We only get eleventh-hour cases, Rohingya patients with critical lower abdomen injuries,” says Syfuddin Khaled. Sometimes they tell us anyway.” Doctors are not inclined to report a rape that will get some undocumented woman caught up in the legal system — especially when the alleged rapist is in a different country.One political faction in Myanmar has for years stated that “inhuman acts may be justifiably committed” to eliminate them.Even in Suu Kyi’s party, the Rohingya are derided as non-native “Bengalis” who don't belong in Buddhist Myanmar.She is among the world’s most celebrated former political prisoners — a name mentioned alongside Nelson Mandela.For decades, the West has lionized her as a defender of the meek.

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“You have to consider that, if we know about a rape case, we’re supposed to inform police — and these women are not here legally,” Khaled says.

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