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Adam is frequently quoted in the Boston Globe and other local publications on the topic of marijuana legislation and policy, and has emerged as a leading voice in the field. cum laude from the American University Law School in 2004.

Before joining Vicente Sederberg, Adam spent a number of years as an associate attorney at a downtown Boston law firm where his practice focused on complex civil and criminal litigation. He resides with his wife and three children in the South Shore of Massachusetts.

Keep reading for a more detailed introduction to the members of our team.In addition to his work with Vicente Sederberg, Josh is currently the Associate Director of Sensible Colorado, advocating for medical marijuana patient rights.He is also a founding member of the Council for Responsible Cannabis Regulation (CRCR), and the National Cannabis Bar Association (NCBA).But Mr Matussek said “I think the German instability is bad news for Britain, it’s bad news for Europe but, most of all it is bad news for the Germans ...You have a normally loud and constructive voice which has been silenced.

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