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An archaeologist surveys, examines, excavates and analyses the data and artefacts discovered in any particular area.

There is a very fundamental difference between fossils and artefacts that every archaeologist must be aware of.

This way, we can ensure that our future generations are aware of the importance of preserving and protecting the archaeological sites and artefacts and also play their role in their discovery.

For that reason, we have decided to provide some basic level of information about this field so that the children of our society can be more involved in this amazing field of exploration.

Under that circumstance, the main goal is to recover the artefacts as quickly as possible and leave the studying for later.

The science behind the finding of an excavation site is very advanced and archaeologists use different tools to find these places.

There is no denying that many archaeological sites pose hazards to both those that are working within one or to those people who visit such sites.

Archaeologists working on an excavation or archaeological site are aware of the dangers that such sites can contain, anything from underwater wreckages that are in seas which are below freezing and can cause hyperthermia to jungles that have shockingly high temperatures and wild and poisonous animals.

However if those archaeologists that are working and developing such a site have not been given the correct equipment and guidelines and an accident takes place then those employees working on the archaeological site who are injured and such an injury could have be prevented may have the right to make a No Win No Fee claim.In this article we will examine how archaeology and excavation sites can be dangerous to those that may want to visit such sites.We have all heard the great tales of the curse of Tutankhamun tomb and the curse of the mummy.Furthermore in order for an archaeological site to be open for visitors extensive assessments and safety measures must be put in in order for it to be redeemed a safe and appropriately place for people to visit.If a visitor is unfortunately injured or becomes ill after visiting such a site as some sites can be extremely hazardous and such safety measure have not been correctly followed or put in place then they may be able to make a No Win No Fee claim if the injury sustained could have been avoided.

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