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Waved hello dating

I was told to merely towel it dry and use a leave on conditioner.

Then I was corseted, and put into a long, very romantically styled pink satin negligee.

The hobble skirt, the tall five inch spikes, the glistening bee hive hair do, “ Lulu” was one of the sissified cross dresser employees.

He dates and beds quite a few gorgeous ladies,” she said, trying to convince me to date him.Ginny tittered and mother spoke with a smile, “ Now Virginia, don’t tease.Lulu looks simply ravishing today.” I should have known.It wasn’t until I began to speak that I realized I was facing one of the PC’s with a slide show screen saver of my transformation.The newest photos, those of my salon visit, were being featured. How nice of you to call,” I crooned, hoping to please my tormentors.

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For the time being though, I had other things to deal with, namely the visits to both the Cassandra store and the make up boutique, followed by a Wednesday doctor’s appointment.

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