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That water gradually corroded the stone, creating a wide variety of speleothem cave formations, rocks made of secondary minerals derived from the original stone.The waters of Blanchard Springs have worked on the caverns for millions of years, and the result is a series of stunning calcium features: dripstone, flowstone, “soda straws,” stalactites, and stalagmites.Margi Jenks, park interpreter, explained: Diamonds are remnants of carbon dioxide pockets from when our planet formed.They lie in the earth’s mantle and reach the surface only when carried up via a volcanic pipe.Instead, we “wet sifted,” placing a hunk of volcanic clay in a sieve and gently washing it in a sluice.The clay dissolves, leaving behind rocks that you can sort through.

On that cold day in December, there were only a few of us hardy prospectors, several with their “diamond sniffing” dogs.Two and a half hours north of Little Rock is the most famous science destination in this part of the world, Blanchard Springs Caverns.Back in the Cambrian Era, when the Ozarks were beachfront property, countless marine organisms collected in the shallows of an ancient ocean that would in time become the Gulf of Mexico.So in the interest of science we traveled three hours south to the Ouachita range to visit another Arkansas geologic phenomenon, Hot Springs National Park.Here we soaked in spring water warmed by geothermal heat at depths of as much as 8,000 feet; radiocarbon-dating suggests the water may be up to 4,400 years old.

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While it pays lip service to things like timber, the museum focuses primarily on petroleum and bromine, more of which is produced in Arkansas than anywhere else in the world.

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